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PlasmaLux Fibroblasting Facial Training


PlasmaLux Fibroblasting Facial Training:£1500
Kit: £1950
Course Length: 1 Day

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About PlasmaLux Fibroblasting Basic Course
This course will cover facial treatments as the most popular, which includes the non-surgical upper and lower blepharoplasty, crow’s feet, frown lines, jawline and jowl tightening, smile lines/smoker’s lines, chin lines, accordion lines, oral commissures, naso-labial and marionette lines.
Our PlasmaLux (Fibroblast) course is an advanced medi-aesthetic treatment. Addressing a variety of skin concerns the PlasmaLux Pen has the ability to tighten the skin, remove blemishes, unwanted age spots, skin tags, warts, scar tissue, keratinized lesions. It also targets premature signs of ageing and improves deep set wrinkles and lines around the eyes and lips caused by environmental damage and UV exposure. The pen can be used by beauty therapists, semi-permanent technicians and tattoo artists to bring a new dimension to their business.
PlasmaLux – brought to you exclusively by APG is an advanced, state of the art fibroblast device. German made, ergonomically designed, PlasmaLux stands alone as both the lightest and easiest to use plasma pen available. PlasmaLux has unique interactive controls, making it highly responsive to your treatment needs, throughout the whole range of varied treatment techniques.
With its three-stage quality testing, CE Declaration of Conformity and warranty, the quality of the PlasmaLux pen is assured. We also offer a 1-year limited warranty on our PlasmaLux Pen.
In order to ensure that training is bespoke and provides a suitable balance of practical and theoretical delivery, a maximum of 10 students will be enrolled to guarantee that each delegate has the opportunity to perform a practical treatment.

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for information and enquiries, please call 0141 558 1114

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27th October 2019 10am-6pm, 28th October 2019 10am-6pm